A little about me…

You’ll usually find me with my husband and our dog Louie. I love video games (specifically MMORPG), 80s toys, and a newly discovered love for comic books are a few of my favourite things.

My interests in design and development sparked in high school. Chances are I was sitting by the glow of my HP decoding websites to figure out out it worked. By age 15 (yes, this was the early 90s), I had taught myself HTML and designed my first site.

I’ve been working as a graphic designer since completing school in 2011, when I received my diploma in mixed digital media. I’ve worked as both an in-house designer, and on my own doing contract work. I spent three years as part of the production team at Edmonton’s Vue Weekly newspaper, where my understanding of print design grew quickly! I wouldn’t say I specialize in one particular thing. I’d never want to limit myself to just one aspect. However, I love creating logos and doing typographic design.

I’d love to help create your vision!